Ticwatch2 Unboxing and First Impressions

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Mobvoi started their Kickstarter campaign in August 2016 for the TicWatch 2, I decided to go for the Onyx version which basically comes with a black metal strap and watch case. My order got shipped out over the weekend and I received it via DHL on Tuesday. I will not be going through the functions, features or specs of the watch as you can find the information on their webpage / Kickstarter project page.


It came as below DHL packaging, does make one wonder on the condition of the contents.


However it is well protected in a thick bubble bag .


Ticwatch2 Unboxing

What i got was a the Ticwatch2 plastic wrapped box and additional watch strap which was added on as a kickstarter stretch goal.

Opening the box and the presentation of the smart watch.


The contents of the box consists of the smart watch, 1 accessory and charger box and the user guide. The user guide gives a quick description on the watch and how it operates and some standard safety precautions.


The accessories box which is the smaller of the 2 boxes consists of the the wireless charging dock and a 1m micro usb cable is provided. It has another small package which includes 6 more watch links for those who need to extend the strap to fit the wrist. A screw driver is included as well.


Since the onyx version cannot lie flat due to the metal band, a stand is included in the next box with some other instructions on how to install the wireless changing dock on the stand. The stand feels rubbery however it sits firmly on the table surface


The watch on the dock, perfect fit!


Can be challenging to get the screw in should you need to extend or shrink the strap. Patience is key!


Setting it up

Downloaded the Ticwear app (version 4.2.9_intl) on my android phone from the Google play store and following the instructions on the app, My android phone pairs up with the watch flawlessly. Once the watch is paired it will sync with your phone which takes about 1 minute and if you wish you may setup a pattern code on your phone for security purposes. The watch will also go through a quick tutorial then after which you can start using the watch.

Bluetooth must be on and the Ticwear app must be running on your phone in order to receive notifications. Thus it is important to set up the phone to autostart the app and not let memory apps force close the app.

First Impressions and conclusion

From the time of writing this article, I have used the watch for a day. With a full charge at 7am, checking the battery life at 2 PM, it used up about 30 % with the watch connected on Bluetooth, that is with ambient mode on (screen on however greyed instead of having colour). At 7pm it had 50% battery left. Thus from the initial looks it should last the whole work day with battery to spare. Charging to full from 45 % took about 2 hrs and to note that if ambient mode is on during charging it does heat the watch up. While it shows 100% it is good to leave the watch on the charging cradle for a while more as once it is removed it drops slightly to 98%.

So far the watch is working as it should. At the initial stage, I dislike that there is also no way to turn off the vibration, so notifications as above will keep buzzing on your wrist which can get annoying. Hopefully a new firmware version will solve the following.

For the first day of use, I have no major complains, its a great product and I have no major issues on the usage or functions of the watch. While cheaper than other leading brands, it is still on the high side which may stop others from considering it. However should you plan to get one, it is now available for sale via their webpage.

Thoughts? Comments? Do share with us!

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