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Welcome to the BrickHorse and our world of LEGO and toys!

This site has been created to mainly feature stuff about LEGO. However it will not go into reviewing mainstream LEGO sets since there are many online sites and blogs dedicated to this.. Our website’s aim is to look towards LEGO customs sets, MOCs and some harder to find LEGO sets which can get our hands on to share with you.

While LEGO custom sets and other stuff will make up the main bulk of the review, however other toys maybe featured too. This may include bootleg brands too. All reviews are based on our viewpoint and it is our hope that it will help bring awareness to website visitors or fans on what is out there in the market and hopefully provide a better look on those sets itself and provide alternatives.

Do note that while the site reviews customs LEGO kits and other toys, we will not share instructions of any works unless it is released in public domain. Please do not ask that we post them online or to send them to you. Respect the copyrights of the individual vendors.

Lastly, constructive comments are always welcome.


The BrickHorse

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