Oxford Review – CN3535 Code Name Cobra Assault Vehicle

Oxford Toys is a South Korean company which sell building kit toys which are compatible with LEGO bricks. Oxford bricks are classified as a LEGO clone brand, the bricks look similar and for a clone brand, the bricks are of high quality.

This review is on a series known as Code Name Cobra. This set is the smallest in the series, lets find out more in this review

CN3535 - Front Box

Kit Details

Oxford Review: CN3535 Code Name Cobra Assault Vehicle
Minifigs: 3
Pieces: approx 200
RRP:  (₩) 21,000


On first looks, the name and picture seems to suggest it has something to do with G.I Joe’s cobra command but the lack of ‘special’ characters in any sets seem to indicate otherwise. The box art is also detailed on all sides.

CN3535 - Back Box
Another great feature is the cardboard box in a box, it allows easy keeping should one disassemble the set for storage. A plus for those who keep their parts back into boxes.
CN3535 - Box Box BoxCN3535 - Box Contents
The contents of the box and note that all bags are numbered
CN3535 - Inside BookletCN3535 - Box Contents
The sticker sheet. Never welcomed but surprisingly comparing this to LEGO stickers its seems to be thicker and glossy finish. Somehow in the hand it gives the feeling it wont fade or break out over time.
CN3535 - Sticker Sheet
The minfigs are different. They can turn their torsos, bend and kneel!
CN3535 - Minifigs
The accessories included are also very generous for 3 minifigs, 1 set of the same head pieces are given due to the high possibility of loss.
CN3535 - Guns & AccessoriesCN3535 - MF Accessories
Pack 1 consist of the assault vehicle, a simple 2 man open vehicle when constructed. No weapons on vehicle.
CN3535 - Humvee SideCN3535 - Humvee Front CN3535 - Humvee Back

Pack 2 is a partially destroyed building with an array of missile ready to bombard whoever passes by, overall look and feel is there and it allows some modular construction should 1 purchase other sets. Wish there was more of the plant pieces to hide the missile launcher.
CN3535 - Building Side CN3535 - Building Front CN3535 - Building Back


CN3535 - Im posing

Let me have a shot…..

This kit took about 30 minutes to fix up. No complains or difficulties since all bags were numbered. The bricks are very easy to fix up and held firmly. Some extra pieces were included in this set. The sticker sheet as mentioned above is slightly different in terms of quality. Over time will tell on the quality.

Nothing special about the assault vehicle or the building to highlight but having it as a modular add-on does add on some value to get other sets.

The minifigs are totally different from their LEGO conterparts. Fully posable from waist to legs and with lots of accessories. Flesh faces and hands are also a plus.

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