XingBao Dream Car Series The Beetle Car XB-03015

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Today i be reviewing the following Beetle Car from XingBao, a subsidy of Lepin, Xingbao is said to concentrate on user MOCs and releasing products based on their designs.

Kit Details

XingBao Dream Car Series The Beetle Car (XB-03015)
Year: 2017
Minifigs: 0
Pieces: 944
RRP:  Varies. I got it for USD $35


Contents of the Kit

The beetle car box is rather big and heavy for a kit of this size. The beetle car photo is only seen on the front of the box, the back of the box is just the typical warning and where the kit is made. Opening the kit and you are greeted with the instruction booklet.

The instruction booklet, It is printed on semi glossy paper.

The instruction booklet shares a short description of the designer.

The parts and in numbered packs! This set is broken down into 3 separate modules, so bags are labeled from 1 – 3.

Some special mentions on the bricks.

Printed Bricks for the front and back number plates. Both have different numbers though

Transparent bricks are very clear. Most of the time for clone brands they are not as clear as this

Chrome pieces for the exhaust

The finished beetle

Size Comparison with the F40

Closing Thoughts

The set took close to 4 hours to complete. I had no problems with the brick quality and found them to be very easy to fix up. Bricks assembled did not warp or had issues joining up with one another. I did not have any missing parts however had a wrong piece added on to the box, but it is a common piece so no major issues finding a replacement.

Generally this set is not for daily play as the front and back bumper areas are prone to having parts pop out or dropping off even when handling gently. This is expected as some parts are only held on with just a 1×1 stud.

All in all a great experience fixing up this car and a great model to add to another car collection at a decent price.

Thoughts? Comments? Do share with us!

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