LEGO Variant Horse

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Today, I am sharing a variant horse head mould with a deeper dimple which is suppose to represent the nostrils.

As far as I can remember this news of this variant horse head mould could have be floating around as far back as 2005 and again I could not find the source of the first news which again could mean that I could have either read it off MCN. Another sad reminder that not all things are eternal even on the world of the cyberspace.


The variant mould is actually quite useful for affixing any headgear accessories like the old flame pieces or the new plume / flame piece. One can even use the ribbons or hair accessories from the FRIENDS series to individualise your horses.


As I am still tracing the source of where these horses can originate from, whether this is isolated to a certain set, country or it is just random, do free feel to leave a comment if you have any lead. I would love to find out more too.

Hope you have enjoyed this. Thank you for reading.

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