BrickMania Kit Review: WW2 Motorcycle (World War Brick 2016 Event Kit) (BKM2100)

I was lucky enough to receive a BrickMania’s WW2 Motorcycle as a X’mas gift. This is an exclusive minikit found in the goodie bag for the World War Brick 2016 Anaheim Weekend Pass holders and it was available for a very short period on BrickMania’s website. From my research, it is available in 2 colours, the Dark Bluish Grey with the Nazi’s Swastika and the Light Bluish Grey with the USA’s Star which was the one I got.

Kit Details

BrickMania’s WW2 Motorcycle (BKM2100)
Year: 2016
Minifigs: 0
Pieces: 37
RRP:  USD $???



The contents and instruction booklet.

The completed model.

After thoughts:
The overall build is quite straightforward for this minikit. I do find that the build is abit filmsy and not really for rough play. Only regret is that I do not have a Captain America to pose on the bike.

Hope you have enjoyed this. Thank you for reading!


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