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Lego Pirates Sets

These photos were taken some years ago. Just sharing the sentimental value of my collection. I am not interested in the 2015 pirates release and still prefer those released in 2009. The 2015 sets closely resemble those 2009 sets. One of the most disappointment over the 2015 pirates chess sets which the blue coat imperial soldiers came without their proper head gear….why Lego can screw up such details.

First up – combination collection of vintage and the not too old pirate series.

The Admiral with his daughter on board the flag ship, confident that some peace been restored with the captured of Captain Hook.

The port and outpost are populated with imperial soldiers.

Year 2010 – Imperial Flagship

Year 1992 – Imperial Trading Post

Not Pirates but these Year 2003 – Emperor Ship are great looking.

Emperor ships size comparison.

Year 1989 – Caribbean Clipper

Love those blue coats !!!!!

Year 1989 – Eldorado Fortress

Year 2011 – POTC Queen Anne’s Revenge

Year 1989 – Black Seas Barracuda

Year 1996 – Amanda Flagship

Year 1996 – Red Beard Runner

Year 2009 – Brickbeard’s Bounty

Year 1993 – Renegade Runner

Group photo

Year 2009 – Shipwreck Hideout

Group shot of the spare pirates minifigures

Hope you guys love the photos.


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