LEGO Variant Flag 4 x 1 Wave

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The LEGO 4 x 1 wave flag comes in two different ripple configurations which have never been distinguished by TLG.

(Photo Source : Bricklink)

The right-handed version was first mentioned in the BrickLink forums about the time the Knights Kingdom II sets were released.

As I was in my “dark ages” then, my first encounter with such right-handed variant flag came with the Fantasy Era sets in 2007.

Left to Right : Right-handed Version (Variant) and Left-handed Version (Original).

WP_20151024_11_43_49_Pro WP_20151024_11_44_17_Pro

Being an OCD army builder. I would love to see my flags waving in the same direction.

I do not like the flags waving in the opposite direction.


Some work around for this. After all, this is LEGO and there is no fix rules on how the flag should be mounted.


However, the left-handed flags do no present the banners in the manner the OCD in me wants.


This is where the right-handed (variant) flag came into good use.


Yet another variant that has some practical usage which I can make full use of.

Hope you have enjoyed it. Thank you for reading.

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