Brickmania Kit Review: IS-2 Russian Heavy Tank (2062)

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Taken from Brickmania’s description: The IS-2 was a heavy tank developed in the Soviet Union in the waning years of World War II. It was a direct descendant of the earlier KV-1 heavy tank program and was intended to correct deficiencies in armor layout, mobility and firepower. The IS-2’s thick frontal armor was designed as defense against the powerful guns of the German Tiger and Panther tanks, while it’s own main gun could defeat its opposition at normal combat ranges of about 1000 yards. The IS-2 was primarily to be used as a breakthrough tank and its gun was provided with a powerful high-explosive shell, useful for knocking out enemy infantry and fortifications.

Let’s take a look at this brickmania kit review

Kit Details

BrickMania’s IS-2 Russian Heavy Tank (2062)
Year: 2015
Minifigs: 1
Pieces: 814
RRP: USD $350? (unsure of the price)

Brickmania came out with some options for this tank, i believe i went for the basic set without any add add ons.


Contents of the Kit

The black box means that this is Brickmania’s premium kit and with most kits bought after 2015,  it is shrink wrapped. The black box is slightly larger since it is a premium kit which means a larger more detailed tank. The box contains the following, 3 zip lock bags of the LEGO parts required for the kit, LEGO tracks, an instruction booklet, a certificate of authenticity and lastly a die cut premium vinyl sticker sheet sandwiched between the instruction booklet.

As with all premium kits, the instruction booklet is spiral-bound and printed on glossy paper. Below is a screenshot on the interior of the booklet.

Below is the LEGO minifigure which comes with this set. Front and back torso is pad printed.

The sticker sheet as below. White areas should be white, however as it was kept in the instruction booklet for a long time the sticker sheet had ink prints stuck on it. Something to note if you should buy this set MISB as this should likely happen.

Some shots of the IS-2 tank. Very close resemblance to the real tank!

IS-2 Cubinka 1


Closing Thoughts

The set took about 3 1/2 hrs to complete. Lots of thought went into this set to make it as detailed and realistic as possible. This set has two opening crew hatches on turret and an engine access hatch to have play and posing options. Scale of the kits are also quite accurate, below is a show of all 3 Russian tanks from Brickmania. The IS-2 , KV-1 and the T34.

No major flaws on this kit, only thing is that the sticker sheet stuck on to the booklet ink after leaving it in the box for too long. Built process from any premium kit is somehow challenging however satisfying after seeing the end product.  The minifig is ok, plus point was it had a Brickarm’s weapon included. It would have been good to have more minifigs included in this set at this price point however it was as an additional add-on to the kit for more troops.

Overall an expensive set, thought it’s a great addition to any LEGO Russian world war 2 tank collection.

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