Brickmania Kit Review: T-34/76 Tank (2072)

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The T-34 was developed by the Russians before and during World War 2. Developed in secrecy and incorporating new features into tank design, the T-34 proved to be a match to existing German armor of the period. The T-34’s 76mm gun could easily take out both Panzer IIIs and IVs.

The T-34 was the main tank for the Russians throughout the Second World War and over 80000 T-34s were produced. This was due to the simple but yet effective design which made the T34 easier to manufacture and upgrade throughout the war.

Let’s take a look at Brickmania’s T-34 kit

Kit Details

BrickMania’s T-34/76 Tank (2072)
Year: 2015
Minifigs: 1
Pieces: 459
RRP:  USD $160


Contents of the Kit

This is a normal BrickMania kit and comes in a white box, since i bought it was shrink wrapped. The box contains the standard package ->  the LEGO bricks in 2 zip lock bags, Brickmania’s Tracklinks, the instruction booklet and a certificate of authenticity.

The instruction booklet, It is printed on glossy paper. Comes with a short description on the tank.

Below is the custom pad printed minifigure which comes with this set. Front and back torso is pad printed.

Brickmania Tracklinks started out from a Kickstarter campaign, It is included only in some sets from Brickmania and for this set it is included.

The tank. before final assembly and before adding on the tracks.

Side view of the T-34 and comparing it to the real life T-34. Very close resemblance.

T-34 in Volgograd Panorama museum

Front and back view of the T-34, note the rear hatch which can be opened in this kit.

Closing Thoughts

The set took about 2 hrs to complete.. Overall it is a sturdy set and should survive daily play. However to note that the Tracklinks do not clip too well so if they are too tight it will break off from the chain at a light touch, the custom pad printed minifig looks great in this set and it comes with its own Brickarm’s weapon.

Overall another great kit from Brickmania with no major complains..As of posting of this review, the kit is still available for sale at Brickmania’s website.

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