Xingbao SideCar Motorcycle – XB-06008

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I will be reviewing the following Sidecar Motorcycle from XingBao, a subsidary of Lepin. This series is from Across the battlefield and to start off with the first review will be the Sidecar Motorcycle.

Xingbao SideCar Motorcycle – XB-03015

Kit Details

Xingbao SideCar Motorcycle – (XB-06008)
Year: 2017
Minifigs: 2
Pieces: 256
RRP:  Varies. I got it for USD $6



Contents of the Box

A small box with a handle on top. Opening it will reveal a tray of parts.

The parts and in numbered packs.

Weapons & Accessories.

Some of the printed bricks

The two minifigs included in this set. Detailed but super loose at the torso when adding in the accessories.on the waist.

The finished product.

The minifigs with the bike.

The Antenna

Closing Thoughts

While a small set, this set took over 2 hours to build. This was due to the poor coloured instructions and due to one stud holding the bike in place, it breaks into many pieces during the initial stage built. However, once the motorcycle is finished, it is more sturdy, although don’t expect it to last through rough play as many parts are held together with 1 stud. The antenna is also very flimsy.

The minifigs were the greatest letdown..being loose at the torso with accessories means playability options are not available..  Only plus point is that there are a lot of accessories for this small set. Bricks wise I felt the quality is somewhat worse off than their Dream car series as they can be rough and pop out easily. But since this is the first set reviewed from this series, I will see if another set yields the same brick quality.

While much negatives about this set, the only plus factor the price of this set, however, if you are planning to display them only, this does not disappoint.

Thoughts? Comments? Do share with us!

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