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Decided to browse a Daiso store near my office during lunch time just to pass the time. Usually nothing much of interest espicially on bricks. They had this the following section on toys which had the following packets of ‘nano’ blocks for sale. Decided to pick up one up for this review.

Kit Details

Xingbao SideCar Motorcycle – (XB-06008)
Year: ?
Minifigs: 0
Pieces: Not specified but from a rough count about 140 pieces
RRP:  Approx USD$1.50





Contents of the pack

Very neatly packed bag of parts and instructions. On the packet, the age group recommended is for ages 12 and up, makes sense due to the small parts which can be a choking hazard. Design and quality is from Daiso Japan.

Built process

The Bulldozer Tracks

Adding on the body ….

The finished bulldozer


Bulldozer Frontview

Bulldozer sideview – the bucket can lift & articulate!

Many Spares in the pack

Final Thoughts

I had the following built up within 20 minutes, parts were ok and fit well, they did not pop out or became loose on touch. While being such a small set, it does not lack details. The bucket articulation is a nice touch. Also having so many spares is useful in the event parts are lost or if one decides to use this as debris for the bulldozer to clear.

For the price and for a quick distraction on a busy day and not getting the place cluttered after building it, I may decide to pick up more of their kits

Thoughts? Comments? Do share with us!

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