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With a strong interest in military vehicles, I managed to get some Kazi WWII tank sets, thanks to help from a friend. Kazi is considered a LEGO clone or rip-off since they do copies of LEGO sets. However since LEGO does not do military sets, Kazi fills this void. Today I will share my Kazi review on the Panzer IV.

The Panzer IV was a robust and reliable German medium tank developed in the late 1930s and used extensively during the Second World War, Initially designed as an infantry support tank, it slowly took up the role to engage enemy armor.


Kazi Panzer IV Front Box Art

Kit Details

Kazi Panzer IV (KY82010)
Year: 2015?!?
Minifigs: 2
Pieces: 1193+
RRP: (not fixed depends on place of purchase)




The box print is surprisingly well done and clear. Note the indicated size of the tank.

Kazi 82010 Back Box Art

Kazi Panzer IV Back box art

Set Contents

Taking out from the main box another 2 brown boxes. This kind of packaging is rather rare nowadays as most will just dump the plastic bag of bricks into the main box itself. Does make the main box tougher to deform in the centre.


Kazi 82010 Box Content

All parts are neatly packed into smaller plastic bags. The instruction booklet while was in one of the above brown boxes was not protected and it is crumbled. They included a sticker sheet which was quite surprising as they could have printed the brick like the one in the next picture

Kazi 82010 - Whats in the Box

Kazi Panzer IV Box Contents

An example of the only 2 printed tiles in this set. It is a 2×2 brick on a map to the city to be attacked by the Panzer IV.

Kazi 82010 - Printed Brick

Printed Tiles

The men getting anxious to test out their new seats even before the tank is built. As you can see this is the early build stage, and for a tank its very spacious! Surprisingly the minfigs are flesh color. They do not have any weapons, guess the designers wanted them to sit only in the tank.

Kazi 82010 - Build 1

Hey.. Build the Panzer tank!

Shape of the tank starting to form. Very detailed interior complete with an engine. Accuracy is not too far off too.

Kazi 82010 - Build 2

Panzer IV mid way built

Exterior without tracks done. The men should really be sitting further up and not too far back. Anyway the tank is looking good.

Kazi 82010 - Build 3

Panzer IV Tank without turret

The completed tank. A great job put in by the Kazi design team on the accuracy of the tank, taking a real tank and comparing it below.

Kazi 82010 Front Shot 3

Panzer IV Front side view

Kazi 82010 Front Shot

Panzer IV Front side view 2

Vojni muzej Beograd

The front view of the Panzer IV and a real life tank again for comparison

Kazi 82010 Front

Panzer IV Front view


Kazi 82010 Top Shot

Panzer IV Top Shot


It took about 4 1/2 hours to get this tank assembled. This was due to:

  1. the instruction booklet colouring of the bricks were at times hard to identify,
  2. some rough bricks and ‘Technic’ parts which require brute strength to assemble and/or remove.

The minifigs came totally disassembled. Hands shoulder, torso,legs, hip and head, unlike LEGO minifigs which has the hands assembled to torso and legs to the hip. Overall it was surprising to see flesh heads in this series. They had no guns in this set which will be a good to have.

The parts as described above are rather ‘rough’ and brittle. During assemble parts like the tank wheels require extreme strength to push it in (or take out if you made a mistake), Other parts dont fit too well at times due to plastic over-moulding and require some cuts to get it to fit. There were no missing pieces and some extras bricks as well. The tracks have the same problem, it is hard to have the tracks move smoothly almost any surface. Interesting to know that there are some printed tiles from Kazi as well.

Using the 2 real life tank photos above, one can see the accuracy when compared to the real Panzer IV.  Only thing is the men placement in the tank is wrong and they cannot squeeze through the 2 hatches. The size of the tank is huge compared to other brands and customs. Just have a look below and you will know why. While historically the Panzer IV should be bigger than the Panzer III, its not supposed to be this oversized. 🙂


What a small tank you are commanding 😛

Guess we should put classify this as a super heavy tank when placed next to the LEGO Brickmania Panzer III. Overall the Kazi tank built is solid and there wont be any issues for everyday play. It has a very affordable price point. Kazi designers seem to put a lot of thought process in this set, making it overall an accurate depiction of the tank.

If you have patience and the strength to build up this tank, the end product is rewarding.

Thoughts? Comments? Do share with us!

2 thoughts on “Kazi Review – Panzer IV (KY82010)

  1. Vince

    Yea, So I am missing two sprocket wheels near the end of the build. I am looking to either cast them myself or to find a place that I can buy the two pieces needed. I have had confusion building this tank as the directions are not clear in it’s step by step construction. I have had to take things apart and put them back together numerous times before things were deemed correct and moved onto the next part of the booklet. This has been challenging but I really am enjoying putting this beast together.


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