BrickArms Review – Mk19 Grenade Launcher

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The BrickArms MK19 Grenade Launcher combines the accuracy and rate of fire of a belt-fed machine gun with the raw power of a 40mm grenade launcher which can be either tripod or vehicle-mounted.

There are 2 package available for this, with and without the M3 tripod. I got the 1 with the M3 tripod.

Name : BrickArms MK19 Grenade Launcher (With M3 Tripod)
Piece Count : 9
Price : US$7.00


The Packaging (Front)


The Packaging (Back)


The Instructions


The Contents


Parts Layout


The Completed MK19 Grenade Launcher


A Minifig to Pose…


After thoughts:
Reminds me of the AGL (Automatic Grenade Launcher) used to have in my Armoury during my active NS days. I quite fancy the module builds of such BrickArms weapons as it does give room to mashup the various weapons.

Thank you for reading.

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