BrickArms Mashup Review – Sentry Gun

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The BrickArms Mashup – Sentry Gun features 2 miniguns with build-able bullet chains mounted on a tripod. It is the first of the BrickArms Mashup series exclusively arranged by BrickMania.

Name : BrickArms Mashup – Sentry Gun
Piece Count : 27
Price : US$12.00


The Packaging – Front


The Packaging – Back


The Instructions


The Contents


Parts Layout


The Completed Sentry Gun

After thoughts:
I feel this mashup is really value for money. For US$12.00, one will get 2 complete kits of the BrickArms Minigun with Bullet Links which cost US$8.00 each, a M2 Tripod which cost US$1.50, a Monopod with cost US$0.25 and a LEGO flexi hose, that’s about US$18.00 worth of products!

Thank you for reading.

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