XingBao Review XB-01003:中华街 Yi Hong Brothel

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Today, I am reviewing the 3rd set of the Modular Buildings released by XingBao (星堡積木) in collaborations with DEMO Studio (宁波笛墨文化), XB-01003, Zhong Hua Street : Yi Hong Brothel (中华街:怡红院).

Kit Details

XingBao XB-01003 Zhong Hua Street : Yi Hong Brothel (中华街:怡红院)
Year: 2017
Minifigs: 12
Pieces: 3,320
RRP: ???



Upon opening the box. The Instruction Book is seated nicely a pop up paper tray.

16 Packs of Numbered 1 Pack. Builds the partial of the ground level and the street.

12 Packs of Numbered 2 Pack. Builds the front court yard and rest of the ground level.

10 Packs of Numbered 3 Pack. Builds the level 2.

8 Packs of Numbered 4 Pack. Builds the level 2 balcony area.

10 Packs of Numbered 5 Pack.Builds the roof.

6 Packs of Numbered 6 Pack.Builds the Minifigs, sedan and mock up cosmetic store.

Loose Items: 1 32×32 plate, 1 pack of cloth, 1 pack of spare parts.

That’s a total of 64 packs of parts and a loose 32×32 green plate!

The sticker sheet is taped to the page 1 of the instruction booklet.

The printed tiles from Numbered 1 packs.

The interior of a room on the ground level.

Water Fountain to be installed in the front court yard.

Notice now the room is perfectly walled up and the water fountain is installed.

A secret back door exit that can be concealed with a draw of curtains.

Advertisement board?

A very comfortable sofa nicely snug into a corner.

View of the front court yard.

The completed build from Numbered 1 and 2 packs.

A room on the level 2 with a cosy oriental style bed.

The completed build from Numbered 3 packs.

The printed tiles from Numbered 4 packs.

The completed build from Numbered 4 packs.

Combine with the completed build from Numbered 1 and 2 packs.

The completed build from Numbered 5 packs.

The completed build from Numbered 6 packs.

Bonus Pictures!

A Courtesan on level 2 looking down to the street.

Street view of the Yi Hong Brothel.

After thoughts:
This was built by my Wife, half curious why I took almost 7 hours to build the Martial Art School and half keen to build one of the building as she like the architecture of the buildings too. She clocked almost 14 hours to complete the build! Given that she is not building block fan and  her first attempt at a 3,000+ piece count set, her timing is commendable.

When XingBao release this set, it did spark off some debates over the controversial issue of “adult content” in a building block toy within some building block communities. While the cover of the box was changed to “Yi Hong Brothel”, the cover of the instruction booklet retained the original intended name “Yi Hong Whorehouse”. I am not judging nor debating on how XingBao name their set, after all I am interested in the architecture of the building rather than what it is being named.

I do hope DEMO Studio will continue to design more sets to further expand Zhong Hua Street (中华街).

Hope you have enjoyed this. Thank you for reading!

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