LEGO Error Print on Fantasy Era Shield

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Following my earlier post on the Different Variant of Black Falcons LEGO Castle Minifigures,

I am sharing this round on the error print found on the Fantasy Era’s Crown Knight Shield.

The error printing is the reverse colour printing on the Quarterly Partitions of the Field (Basic Concepts of Heraldry) on the shield. Or one could say that the shield is totally reverse printed in error since the crown and the partitions of the field is in fact symmetrical.

WP_20151003_13_30_53_ProL to R: Original Print and Error Print






Sources from EuroBricks suggest that this shield comes from 5615 The Knight impulse set. I would believe this is limited to the sets released in the USA as I got this shield from a purchase of a loose set of 5615 from a USA seller on eBay.


Hope you enjoy reading this. Thank you for reading.

PS : I would guess most readers will be going through their collection to see how many error printed shields they have in their collection.


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