BrickMania Kit Review: Krupp Protze KFZ 70 (2097)

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Taken from Brickmania, the Krupp Protze Kfz. 70 was a 6-wheeled German truck and artillery tractor used heavily in WWII. It was used extensively on the Eastern Front, North African campaign, as well as in France and Sicily. The Protze was the mainstay of the infantry and towed Panzerjäger units in the first half of the war.

The Kfz.70 is designed as the standard configuration for personnel carrying.

Lets take a closer look at this kit in our BrickMania Kit Review.

bm-2097-box-artKit Details

BrickMania’s Krupp Protze KFZ 70 (2097)
Year: 2016
Minifigs: 0
Pieces: 222
RRP: Unknown as i got it 2nd hand but should be close to USD $100


Contents of the Kit

This is a normal BrickMania kits and comes in a white box, The box should contain the LEGO bricks in a  zip lock bag, an instruction booklet and a certificate of authenticity. However since i got my kit second hand my certificate of authenticity is missing.

A shot of the instruction booklet. It is printed on good quality glossy paper.


The front view of the Kfz.70

The Back view of the Kfz.70


The side view of the Kfz.70



This set took about an hour to finish up this kit. It allows 2 minifigs in the front driver seats and can carry up to 6 troops behind. It is sturdy and solid for everyday play.This set does not come with any minifigs which is a pity.

Overall no major complains on the set and it makes a great collection to any LEGO German army.

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