BrickMania Kit Review: P-40 Warhawk (2064)

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The P-40 Warhawk was an American single-engined, single-seat, all-metal fighter and ground-attack aircraft that first flew in 1938 and was widely used by the Allies in many theaters of Word War 2.

BrickMania has released the following kit: The P-40 Warhawk: 1st American Volunteer Group and is designed by Daniel Siskind. Lets take a closer look at this Kit in our BrickMania Kit Review.

BM2064 - Box Art

Front View Of P-40 Warhawk Box

Kit Details

BrickMania’s P-40 Warhawk: 1st American Volunteer Group (2064)
Year: 2015
Minifigs: 1
Pieces: 506
RRP: USD $245 (Just the Kit Only)



Contents of the Kit

This is one of the premium black box edition kits from Brickmania which means it is a limited number of kits, For this kit, it is limited to 100 kits. The normal white box is replaced by a black box and a lot more effort has been put in for its production. For starters you will get a spiral bound color instruction booklet, instead of a paper print out. There is also a Kit Certificate of Authenticity and all parts are packed into a zip lock bag. We will look at some of these at closer details below.

BM2064 - Box Content

P-40 WarHawk Box Contents

The instruction booklet for this premium set is a spiral bound color instruction booklet. the stickers a high end vinyl sheet which is a great addition for the set as they dont fade.

BM2064 - Booklet with Sticker Sheet

Sticker Sheet with Instruction Booklet

Taking a random photo midway during the construction . During this time parts of the plane maybe break off so it can be frustrating for those having a go at the construction for the first time.

BM2064- Midway built

Mid point of Construction of the P-40

The Lego minifigure next to the finished P-40, its a normal minifig from LEGO. Scale wise fits perfectly. As I purchased only the P-40 kit, It did not come with any minifig gun which could have been useful if he had bailed over enemy territories.

BM2064 - Minifig

The Lego Minfigure next to the P-40

Front Shot of the P-40, Most of the details are correct, however the white dome should be sharper.. more to a bullet kind of dome shape. But this is as close as it can get using LEGO.

BM2064 - Side Shot

Front three quarter shot of the P-40

Front view of the P-40. The undercarriage can be folded into the plane itself. It wont totally hidden away as real plane though.

BM2064 - Front View

Front View of the P-40

Top Shot of the P-40 without stickers. While the color scheme may not be an accurate as in the World War 2 planes. the essence of the plane is captured very accurately.

BM2064 - Top Shot

Top shot of the P-40


I had fun assembling the P-40 WarHawk, overall it took close to 3 hours to assemble. It was fragile at the initial stages and becomes more secure when reaching the last few steps, however for younger fans, this can be a source of frustration. For the end product other that the ‘machine guns’ popping out from their holes and the tail wheel dropping out when brushing over them, the rest of the plane is solidly built. It is tough enough for daily play. The high quality stickers add on great details to the plane, however for my P-40 I did not apply the stickers yet

The pilot comes with a normal LEGO torso and does not have weapons. Putting the pilot into the plane does take a bit of patience too as it is not the regular cockpit and again may break off if too much force is applied.

Overall, I felt the design captured the essence of the P-40 WarHawk in LEGO with great accuracy. This is definitely a nice to have for Lego fans interested in planes of World War 2.

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