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I am surprised that with all the hype going on about this LEGO Education Set since first photos were posted on HWZ and subsequently announced by MOE, there is no actual review on it. So when my colleague whose son is graduating from poly this year gave me a copy of this, I thought I should do a review of it.
This set is commissioned by MOE. Some 600,000 sets will be distributed by Duck Learning to students and teachers in celebration of the SG50. It will be made available for sale to the public after NDP with the price and distribution channel unknown. I suspect the public version will have the MOE logo and “A gift from Singapore to our youth” on the top right hand corner removed.

This set features models of Cavenagh Bridge, Changi Airport and Gardens by the Bay — each representing a distinctive aspect of Singapore. Cavenagh Bridge is the oldest bridge existing in its original form, therefore, serving as a reminder of the past. Changi Airport symbolises the country’s connection with the rest of the world, and the control tower is familiar to Singaporean travellers returning home. And Gardens by the Bay is a metaphor for the important role of sustainability in maintaining the country’s success.

Set Number : 2000446
Set Name : Building My SG – Reflect, Celebrate, Inspire
Piece Count : 244
Price : Unknown
Distribution : Singapore after NDP

The front of the box, Note: Pictured models cannot be built simultaneously.

01.Box Cover

Opening of the box. Quite compact and personally I prefer flip up boxes.

02. Box Opening

Contents of the set. 1 instruction booklet, 3 unnumbered packs, 3 2×16 Black Plates, 1 8×16 LBG Plate and SG50 sticker sheet.

03. Box Contents

Contents from the big sized pack.

04. Big Pack Content

Contents from the middle sized pack.

05. Mid Pack Content

Contents from the small sized pack.

06. Small Pack Content

Prior to receiving the set, I have always have the perception that this set only contains enough parts for a Level 1 build and students are to combine their sets in order to build Level 2 or Level 3 builds. This page in the instruction booklet have enlightened me.

07. Instruction Background

First build – Gardens by the Bay.

08. Garden By the Bay Background

Gardens by the Bay – Level 1.

09. Garden By the Bay Lvl 1

Gardens by the Bay – Level 2.

10. Garden By the Bay Lvl 2

Gardens by the Bay – Level 3.

11. Garden By the Bay Lvl 3

The simplest build amongst the 3 model. The transition from Level 1 to Level 3 involves removing the top and adding more parts to the top.

Second build – Cavenagh Bridge

12. Cavenagh Bridge Background

Cavenagh Bridge Level 1.

13. Cavenagh Bridge Lvl 1

Cavenagh Bridge Level 2.

14. Cavenagh Bridge Lvl 2

Cavenagh Bridge Level 3.

15. Cavenagh Bridge Lvl 3

Third build – Changi Airport.

16. Changi Airport Background

Changi Airport Level 1.

17. Changi Airport Lvl 1

Changi Airport Level 2.

18. Changi Airport Lvl 2

Changi Airport Level 3.

19.  Changi Airport Lvl 3

Both Cavenagh Bridge and Changi Airport requires one to remove everything and start over for Level 1 to Level 3 builds.

After thoughts:
I feel that, they should at least include a brick separator in this set after all this set is given to students as young as Primary 1. They don’t expect the children to use their teeth to separate the plates right?

As an AFOL, I do understand the need to have all 3 builds on display and thus one will end up buying 3 copies of the set. 1 copy for each build of the set.

Actually, one will need to top up 2 more these (2×2 round tile with SG50 sticker on it, or maybe a 3rd party SG50 printed tile?)…

20. 2x Extra

and all of these…

21. 1x Extra


to build all 3 builds from 1 copy of the set.

In fact, one could even BL all the parts without even buying a copy of the set as the instructions can be downloaded from here.

Again, Special thanks to my colleague who gave me this set to make this review possible. Thank you for reading.

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