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BrickArms brings the war-winning “Ma Deuce” design to minifig scale at long last. Developed by John Browning as an up-sized version of his 0.30 Caliber M1917 design, the M2 machine gun is a 0.50 caliber monster, able to launch a vehicle-killing projectile for miles. The M2HB or “Heavy Barrel” is the air-cooled version issued to ground troops and mounted on just about every American armored vehicle from World War II to the present day.

There are 2 package available for this, with and without the M3 tripod. I got the 1 without the M3 tripod.

Name : BrickArms M2HB (Without M3 Tripod)
Piece Count : 7
Price : US$6.00


The Packaging (Front)


The Packaging (Back)


The Instructions


Parts Layout


The Completed M2HB (M2 Tripod not included)


A Minifig to Pose…

After thoughts:
Reminds me of the movie Black Hawk Down where the Marines course through the streets in a humvee mounted with 50cal. As mentioned before I quite fancy the module builds of such BrickArms weapons as it does give room to mashup the various weapons. Now I need a humvee to mount this.

Thank you for reading.

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