The Beginning of Brikwars “The Clash” – SG version

On a sunny weekend afternoon many years back, 3 fellas (Liquidor, Alas and MoNd2) sit in to test trial the “BRIKWARS 0937” local version game rules. Battle out in a 10 rounds game play ends objective. (Apology that images are blur)


Liquidor – controlling the undead (lead by hero – Bad wizard Zinc) and a fraction of Fright Knights (lead by hero – King Batz) + 2 dragons..+ 2 catapult.

MoNd2 – controlling defending Black falcon fraction (foot soldiers + calvary) with two hijacked Dragon defenders. (lead by hero – Wizard Bluezt)

Alas – controlling the Lion crusader + a light calvary. (lead by hero – Sir Invisible) + part time emerge Wizard Kalefare.

3 peasants were caught in the cross fighting.

Round 1
MoNd2 – movement.
Liquidor – movement. Catapult move forward to face the defender. Into the range of the dragon defenders.

 Alas – movement. (still playing and posing his troops…)

Round 2
MoNd2 – 2 dragon defenders releasing their fire power towards the Liquidor’s catapult with a (3/3 damage endurance point). 4 dices roll with first roll striking two success vital damage 2/3 ..the second defender released the critical strike with final knock out to the catapult.

Liquidor – Suffer his first lost in the battle. Move the other catapult towards the Black Falcon archers. Great!! In range for one strike. KAbooom killing two archers..The undead moves forward..

Alas – Nothing …idle…still trying to pose the lion cursader…. ???

Round 3
MoNd2 – 2 defenders happily firing over the undead calvary and so very unfortunate that his luck wasn’t as good in round 2 …killing
just one undead horseman. Moving his archers slightly back.

Liquidor – Charge in his calvary..and taking their fustration out over the peasant. Killing the horse. The peasant quickly flee. The catapult fire at 1 x dragon defender…only damaging one of the wheel…sux. :'(

Alas – movement. STILL !!!!! actually he is just …”turn -> skip”

Round 4
MoNd2 – Took aim over at the last Liquidor’s catapult and only damaged 1 wheel. The other defender release it final attack over the undead calvary..and disappointment strikes again..killing just 1 undead horseman.

Liquidor – The catapult luanch it final attack over the archers…just killing one. Continue charging the undead forces towards the enemy.Peasant insight..swing the axe and yes….the head fell.

Alas – Finally start his attack. Aiming his archers to attack Liquidor’s calvary and failed miserably will zero success.

Round 5
MoNd2 – Now that all existing catapult and defenders have used out all their fire power. The archers are the only left ranged attacker.

Liquidor – Received the same fate as Alas in his previous attack..the calvary charged at Alas’s troops…but unluckily the dices rolled with lousy result. The calvary continues to charge forward.

Alas – Alas attack confidently at the two undead horsemen and had his first success kill with defeat of the duo.

Round 6
MoNd2 – Shifted the archers and took aim over Liquidor’s fright knights…eliminate two more fellas.He got bored seeing the slowness in Alas’. Commanded his cavalry to strike upon the actionless lion crusader spearmen…killing two with that action.

Liquidor – The undead charged towards the Black falcon archers, slash and dice down two more archers.One skeleton horsemen..took out the fleeing peasant.

Alas – His spearmen..having bad luck and missed all the attack pour upon MoNd2’s cavalry. He was however doing well in killing 3 undead horsemen.

Round 7
MoNd2 – Archers fired all their fire power upon the charging fight knight and undead. 5 ended up dead. The cavalry continue the attack over Alas stunned unit. Poking down 2 horsemen and 2 spearmen.

Liquidor – Unleashed the black dragon..and command it to march towards the archer..unfornately the fire breath can only kill 1 archer..zzz, the hidden fright knight archer missed a few shots trying to nail the Wizard Bluez..and this round he finally apply the fatal shot to kill the wizard. Wizard waited too long for any action. The Undead horsemen melee Alas’ soldiers and killing 3 of them.

Alas – Ignited his power and start throwing crtical kill dice rolls. Chopped down MoNd2’s 5 cavalry members and doing almost equaly damage to Liquidor undead cavalry..killing 4.

Round 8
MoNd2 – Cavalry rush into the fright knight and undead position. Taking out 3 soldiers.

Liquidor – The undead section chop down 2 more soldiers under Alas. Dragon missed his fire breath attack over MoNd2’s archers..what a big disappointment.

Alas – He is on fire…making lucky kills over Liquidor’s forces by simply using his archers. 5 undead soldier + 2 undead horsemen down.

Round 9
MoNd2 – Good luck was with him when he revived the Wizard Bluez, his Black Falcon archers are in rage…independent firing that kills…the dragon + 5 troopers.

Liquidor – Step up the Wizard Zinc. A mad rush with a Armageddeon magical spell casted upon Alas’ that kills with full impact…just miserably 6 troopers. zzzzz

Alas – Alas return the favour to Liquidor…by playing cheat openly and throw a cheap quick dice to cast appearance of his Wizard Kalefare …when his Sir Invisible was seriously never in action from the start. The Wizard Kalefare..casted the armageddeon over the undead orgy location. Very successfully killing 13 amazing speed..

Round 10 Last Round
MoNd2 – Liquidor was still in dazed from the massacre, MoNd2 jump on the killing spree tempo ..and his very successful killing machine archers…pin down more undead and fright knight..2 horsemen and 3 soldiers. Feeling tired already from the rounds of action, ends the round.

Liquidor – Feeling pathetic with the outcome of his invading forces..did only a mad charge with his cavalry in range towards Alas’ force..but luck wasn’t by his side…only killing one horseman and missing all his other attacks.Looks like he suffered the greatest lost.

Alas – After his previous round success..his troops marched in confidently to engage whats left of Liquidor’s troopers. Killing 2 in the outcome and ending the game.

Final Death count
MoNd2 – Cavalry x 8, Archer x 6, Soldier x 1.
Liquidor – Dragon x 1, Cavalry x 14, Archer x 10, Soldier x 39.
Alas – Cavalry x 3, Soldier x 18.

MoNd2 the ultimate winner with the least death.

THE END of Battle 1 – The Clash


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