LEGO Red Prototype Hair in Braid and Cone with Ribbon

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I was lucky to chance upon a seller selling the red prototype of the hair in braid and cone with ribbon from the CMF series 12’s Fairytale Princess. Considering that there is lesser news of prototype leaks in the recent years, in fact I did not read about it prototype mentioned anywhere. So I would consider this to be more rare than the Wizard / Witch Hat prototype.


The piece is quite useful for the creation of princesses.


However, unlike the Wizard / Witch Hat which can be used on its own without any further enhancements, I just had to paint this piece to match the princess I am creating. A decision which I have been contemplating for months, was to paint or not to paint since it was so rare. Nonetheless I painted it since it is for my own personal collection.

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Hope you have enjoyed it. Thank you for reading.

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