BrikWars Kat’s Den SG version Rules since 2010

Rekindle the “BRIKWARS 0937” 2010, ironing out basic singapore version of BRIKWARS play rules. Making the possible of not only just building lego but engaging in turn base battle game too. Our version is just purely our way of gaming, fun, joy and laughter.

For a real basic start, a few of us gathered to play and brain storm on the game play, rules, attacking, defending and winning capability. We are not following the mainstream rules and regulation (example Warhammer and the official Brikwars), as I felt that they are more complex in the R&R and might take longer hours to engage.

To begin, a brief introduction of how brikwar is play.

1) 2 or more players to play. Turn based movement, attack action. Similar to the usual strategy game played over PC/game console or some common board games.

2) Having a table to set up the game layout, position the minifigs, the structures and etc.

3) We use measuring tape to determine the movement distance, the range of attack during each round.

4) Using dices 6 faces and 10 faces to create element of randomness into the game.

5) Create victory objective option in terms of example: 10 rounds ending, capture of treasure, all enemy defeated, defending the attack..etc.

6) Simple movement rules of, just some examples 
– minifig (10cm )
– calvary/ vehicle (15cm)
– catapult (10cm)

7) Attack success and fail
– a dice roll of result 1 to 4 means missing the attack.
– 5 – 6 means a success kill

8) Defending
– a success defend will be getting similar or higher dice result against the attacker.
– failure will be getting lower than the attacker.

9) The weapons element selection

– Catapult/ canon (currently – maximum of 3 catapult release)(Range of 35cm)

– Mounted attacking element (melee/ long range)

– Short range/ long range element (range of 20cm)

– Melee element (close range)

10) Prepare for a long hours (Usually within a day) of endless destruction and slashing mayhem game play. Friends become temporary foes and argument erupts, laughter of silly action, feeling lucky with the dices roll, feeling extremely lucky when surrounded and yet survived the onslaught for a few turns with just one health point against the on coming attackers ant etc…

Now let the battle begin.  😉


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