BrickMania Kit Review: M1 ABRAMS Main Battle Tank (829)

The M1A2 Abrams represents the U.S. Army’s technological improvement of the basic M1A1 design and is the most modern battle tank in the world. Similar in appearance to the M1A1, the most notable exterior changes on the M1A2 are the redesigned Commander’s Weapon Station (CWS) and the addition of a Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer) on the left side of the turret forward of the loader’s hatch. Internally, however, the M1A2 has been radically redesigned to take advantage of newer technology.

Lets take a closer look at this kit in our BrickMania Kit Review.

BM829 - Box ArtKit Details

BrickMania’s M1 Abrams – American Main Battle Tank (829)
Year: 2015
Minifigs: 2
Pieces: 817
RRP: USD $375


Contents of the Kit

This kit is a BrickMania premium kit and comes in a black box, however this black box is slightly larger than those which has been reviewed in the past. The box contains the following, 3 zip lock bags of the LEGO parts required for the kit, LEGO tracks, an instruction booklet, a certificate of authenticity and lastly a die cut premium vinyl sticker sheet sandwiched between the instruction booklet.

BM829 - Box Contents
A random shot of the instruction booklet. Definitely better than the normal edition kits which usually comes with a  stapled instruction leaflet.

BM829 - Random Page
The die cut premium vinyl sticker sheet up-close.

BM829 - Sticker Sheet

The 2 blank tan minifigs (sighs), complete with Brickarm’s accessories. Sadly no weapons are included.

BM829 - Minifigs

M1A2 random build shots – Note that no minifigs can fit in the body section.

BM829 -Random Built Shot 2

BM829 -Random Built Shot 3

BM829 -Random Built Shot 4

The front view of the M1A2

BM829 -Front Shot
The Back view of the M1A2

BM829 - Rear Shot

The side view of the M1A2

BM829 -Side Shot

Tank rehearsal 141117-A-FG114-080


BM829 - M1A2 with BoxIt took about 3 and the half hours to complete fixing up the M1A2. As with all Brickmania Black box edition, final Construction is impressive. The tank features very roll-able smooth tracks and the turret and turn 360 degrees. It should be able to survive daily play.

The high quality stickers add on great details to the tank, however I did not apply the stickers for my set. The instruction booklet is well designed and printed on glossy thick paper. Another plus point here.

The 2 soldiers are the disappointment for this premium set. No printed torso and no weapons for both minifigures. However BrickArms helmets and body vest makes up for this. Normal LEGO tracks were used in this kit.

The last and greatest draw back is the price as it is rather high for this set, but for most LEGO collectors who love modern day tanks, this set is worthwhile to build up and own..

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