A Photo Story “The Enchanted Part1” By Meow

A Photo Story “The Enchanted Part1” By Meow

Forgive my ang moh (English), I am not good in phrases and sentences – this is purely for the fun of it

The story begin in the medieval era ..a time where usage of sword, spear, shield and etc – rules and domination is based on power and strength.

A old deserted castle platform..is where the adventure begins. A greenery setting..all is calm and serene. Smell of sweet flowers scent, bees and butterflies dancing in the air. This morning, the sun beam brights up the freshness in the field.


The peaceful surrounding was interrupted by a group of men. One man in particular, is holding a map with a red cross marked on it. They seems to have found their objective at the old deserted castle.


The man holding the map is apparently the leader of this group, Vincent Armstrong. He is ruthless, strong and dominating. His younger brother Zane Armstrong (The one in black hood) is the wildful second in command. Their subordinates are Sly Van Mistery (In blue torso and long hair), Jester De Manizer (In grey torso and brown hood) and Dawson Keymaker (In green torso and long hair). They are not people you would like to bump into although they have nice smiles.

Vincent found the map as he was out collecting protection money from the town people, instinct tells him (smartee-wannabe)..is a treasure map. He gathered his brother and his gang. After 2 days of searching..they finally found the location.

What will they uncover from the deserted castle?

To be Continued….


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