A Photo Story “The Enchanted Part2” By Meow

A Photo Story “The Enchanted Part2” By Meow


If you missed the first part of the Enchanted,here’s the link!

Vincent: “Come on you bunch of maggots, we ain’t got whole day!!!
They make quick dash towards the deserted castle.

As they closed in at the foot of the once castle, a unexplained sudden bright light glowing around the castle seems to be pulling at their hunger to know what lies within.

Vincent..ZaneJester and Dawson took a mad dash towards and up the slop ..while Sly took a short cut with an agile leap. They saw a deep hole in the center of the castle floor, covered by big leaves.

Vincent shouted while panting: “Get those leaves out !!! Wahahaha!!”
Himself and Sly jump into the big hole without hesitation. The rest started pulling out the leaves. Dropping their weapons by the side.

As quick as they started, soon the hole revealed treasure chests with the clearance of the leaves. The gang were smiling from ears to ears. A count of …..4 chests in exact. Crazy thoughts running through each gang members ..with what might be inside the chests.

Once the leaves are all cleared. Vincent opened the first chest with eager eyes all focus on the chest lip. “Oh my oh…!!” All men shouted with excitement, “We are so gonna be RICH ….!!!” shouted Zane, Jester make a quick grab of a gold bar. “This is so …real” and took a hard bite on the gold bar. *True enough..he drop a tooth*

Suddenly the camera focus upon the north side of the deserted castle…*a few shadows appearing from the woods.* The notorious Wolf Pack Clan….They too…carried a map…

To be continued…..


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