A Photo Story “The Enchanted Part3” By Meow

A Photo Story “The Enchanted Part3” By Meow


Continuing from The Enchanted Part Two…. This squad of Wolf Pack Clan is lead by Big Gem (The one holding the map), he is accompanied by his loyal scout Timber (Brown beard and carrying the spear/shield), the evil twins Tomax and Xamot, Hermie (One eye spearman) and the youngest Axel. They robbed and killed a group of bandits just yesterday and found a map in their bag, seeing the location marked X was not too far away, they set off towards their new objective. After hours of travelling with some rest along the way. They finally reached.

Timber whisper to Big Gem:”Boss, I heard laughters….behind the castle!!”

Big Gem frown and signal to his squad. “split into two groups” One group immediately bash through the bush, while himself, Timber and Axel moves towards the ramp.

The overjoyed Sly, saw movement from the field and caught sight of Timber. He instantly alert Vincent and the gang..”Vinz….we have company !!”

The gang abandoned their focus on the gold bars for now..climb out of the hole and pick up their weapons to face the intruders. Jester with a bloody mouth was still holding to the gold bar.

Sly took the opportunity to jump in and fondle the gold bar, his thought was not with the danger that is unfolding.

Vincent shouted to the Wolf Pack Clan:”Hey, what’s the commotion?!?!” ..”What are you guys here for?”

Big Gem was disgusted with Vincent:”Oh…I ..or us the Mighty Wolf Pack can SEE what the commotion we are after..yes ..very clearly!!” Pointing to the gold bar that Jester is holding…

Vincent turns to Jester and raising his axe :”You stupid brainless ape..!!!”

Jester was stunned by the reaction..

While the confusion erupted, Big Gem raise his bow towards the gang..rest of Wolf Pack spring into action.

In a blink, Big Gem aimed and release an arrow into Dawson, piercing through his neck..instant KO and drawing first kill for the Wolf Pack Clan.

Vincent and his gang were shocked and disorientated.

Big Gem taking another aim….

To be continued….


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