A Photo Story “The Enchanted Part4” By Meow

A Photo Story “The Enchanted Part4” By Meow


The 4th and final Episode (check out Part3)

Looking back before the tension arise. Sly overwhelm by greed and while the rest attended to the Wolf Pack Clan, he quickly grab a piece of gold bar. As he climb up to rejoin the gang, a white fume is slowly leaking out from the treasure chest.

The twins and Hermie had smoothly reached the edge of the castle wall in lighting speed.

Vincent was stunned for a moment when his fellow gang member fell while he was caught unprepared. Zane Armstrong raised his axe in rage, preparing to leap at Big Gem.

Timber and Axel are pacing towards the ramp …Jester initiate the Wolf Pack Clan action, although he was deeply sadden by the sudden passing of Dawson, he was enraged and swear to pay back blood for blood to the Wolf Pack Clan.

Jester was quick, he charged and jump down from the higher castle plaform, sinking and slicing his sword upon the helpless Timber. The action instantly chop off Timber  head with blood gushing out like a open water tap. Axel who was behind..immediately stop at his track…in disbelieve.

Back at Big Gem, his second arrow was drawn in amazing speed and release with dead accuracy….his target..”Zane Armstrong“…

Zane‘s eyes rolled up as the arrow went through his throat..he seems..to be disbelieve that his young life ..is coming to an end.

In another angle, while the Tomax and Xamot brothers are giving chase at Sly, the white fuming in the castle’s hole had grown thicker (Just have to imagine there is fuming hahaha as I didn’t use photo editor to enable the effect – my apology). Hermie stop at his position and planning to throw the spear at the fleeing Sly.

The spear flew through the air..shhhoooooo ..Follow by a loud cry..the spear puntured into Sly‘s back..his bones…immediately shatters. He fell before Tomax can reach him.

The intensity of the whole battle shot up with the sudden 3 men down on Vincent‘s side. Axel seeing his fellow clan mate been slayed, charged forward at Jester. Both men engaged in few rounds of melee before Jester accidentally tripped and lost his balance. Axel push in for the open opportunity, with one clean axe swing..he decapitate Jester left arm.

Vincent is in amok, seeing his brother fallen to Big Gem accurate archery..He jump down and in one quick move, kick Big Gem to the ground and land his sharp axe into the stomach. Blood splattered like a huge rock being drop into a pool of water. That injury was a fatal blow to the Wolf Pack Clan section leader.

Else where…Jester screamed in agony …sounding alot like a squishing pig…Axel show no mercy…and instantly slash his axe into Jester throat…silencing him.
Axel turn to Vincent  …the rookie of Wolf Pack Clan now soaked in blood, has only one aim in mind…to kill the murderer of his leader. Vincent is depressed that his 4 loyal gang members inclusive his brother are dead…he is now out numbered too.

Back to the white fume forming in the castle hole. While Xamot is examing through the treasure chest…a sudden grey shadow emerge from the thick fume…Hermie and Xamot were shocked!!
Is a man with white hair and carrying a staff, he appears to be disturb ..or awaken with the constant blinking of his eyes.
 “WHO ..WHOM death awaits ..dare to awake “The Enchanted” .. treasures are mine and none shall leave to breath or speaks of THIS !!!!!!!”

Back to the battle, Vincent experience in melee gain him a upper hand over the Wolf Pack Clan rookie…within 5 sets of close combat…Vincent fake a fall and Axel charge in, giving Vincent a clear opening to sink his axe into Axel‘s chest. The young lab…drop face first to the ground.

The camera returns to the drama in the castle hoe. The White Wizard…point his black staff with a clear blue gem towards Hermie and Xamot. His lips chanted a spell…and in just one second..both men become fresh-less…skeletons.

Tomax picked up the gold bar which Sly dropped. Tomax caught a sight of Hermie turning into skeleton.. he felt a sudden lost of connection to Xamot….

In a blink, “The Enchanted” is infront of him…He shouted to Tamox:” YOU FILTHY DOG….!!!” The staff lights up

Vincent looks up at the sudden change of event. He saw a unknown White old wizard…pointing his staff at the Wolf Pack Clan man…The staff suddenly lights up

Tomax turns into ……skeleton.

Vincent quickly got up and back a few steps…”What on earth was that….???” He said to himself.

The remains of Tomax …fell to the ground…

Vincent knowing his life is at risk..quickly ran for the woods…running for his life. However…the wizard never took his eyes off the fleeing Vincent, he waves his staff….a mist of green smoke surrounded Vincent.

Vincent‘s life journey..has reached his limit…he fell ….in sheer white bones…

It seems the whole story was filled with blood…greed….spells ..and death….how fragile one falls when confronted by “The Enchanted”

The Enchanted turns to face the camera…”DO you think you will be spared?” The wizard grin and point his staff to the camera.


The End


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