BrickMania Kit Review: WC54 Ambulance (281)

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Taking from BrickMania’s description; The WC54 Ambulance was based on a specially converted Dodge 4×4 three quarter ton truck. It featured a specially smooth suspension, hard body construction and a special heater designed to keep patients and crew comfortable. This was the a the main ambulance used by US forces in World War II in all areas of operation and continued service well into the Korean War.

Lets take a closer look at this kit in our BrickMania Kit Review.

BM281 - Box ArtKit Details

BrickMania Kit Review: WC54 Ambulance (281)
Year: 2013
Minifigs: 1
Pieces: 253
RRP: Not Stated as I got it second hand

Contents of the Kit

The kit is packaged in a white box. The box contains the following, a ziplock bag of the LEGO parts required for the kit, an instruction printout leaflet, a sticker sheet and certificate of authenticity of the kit.

BM281 - Box Content

Below is the custom pad printed minifigure which comes with this set. As indicated on the box, this is from Citizen Brick, he comes with 2 pot helmets from Brickarms, one a plain helmet the other has the medic cross on his helmet.

BM281 - Minifigs
The ambulance is a real beauty. With the stickers added to the kit, it does add on the authenticity. Compare this with the real world ambulance photos, it is accurately detailed.

BM281 - Side Shot 2

Ambulance Right Shot

Dodge WC54 Field Ambulance (1943) (owner Glen Rummery) pic2

Ambulance Right Shot

BM281- Side Shot 1

Ambulance Left Shot

Dodge WC54 Field Ambulance (1943) (owner Glen Rummery) pic4

Ambulance Left Shot

BM281 - Back Shot

The back panels are 4×2 white tiles with stickers.

Dodge WC-54 at Crash 40-45 museum during the Red Ball Express event 3

Back of the Ambulance

BM281 - Front Shot

Front of the Ambulance

BM281 - Interior

The interior!


This kit took less than 2 hours to complete. The final construction is very sturdy and can survive daily play-ability with no issues. The kit has opening cab doors and back door and can fit a minfig into the cab, a LEGO stretcher can also fit into the rear of the ambulance and looking at the above photos between this LEGO custom vs the real ambulance it is a real beauty and closely replicated to the original.

The Citizen Brick minifig is really a nice addition in this kit.

However there were some issues with the current sticker sheet. As i got it second hand , the sticker sheet was in bad condition as was stuck on the plastic.

BM281 - Sticker Sheet

Overall its still a great piece for anyone who is into WWII vehicles built in Lego. Do check out another review on Brothers Brick on the following kit.

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